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2006/12/04 11:00 am : Abstract
" New Frontiers of Atmospheric Studies: Infrared Imaging of Giant Planet Atmospheres, A Case Study - Jupiter's New Red Spot "
Glenn S. Orton
(JPL / California Institute of Technology)
2006/11/22 : Schedule
" Mini workshop for upgrade plans of current instruments "
Subaru Telescope
2006/10/31 11:00 am : Abstract
" Formation of Massive Galaxies in the Growing Large-Scale Structure at High Redshift "
Toru Yamada
(SUBARU Telescope)
2006/10/09 10:30 am : Abstract
" Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in various astrophysical environment "
Itsuki Sakon (University of Tokyo)
" Detection of PAH emission features in nearby dusty elliptical galaxies "
Hidehiro Kaneda (ISAS / JAXA)
" Spatial Evolution of UIR bands in Red-Rectangle "
In-Ok Song (Kyung Hee University)
2006/09/12 11:00 am : Abstract
" A new NIR multi-object spectrograph for the Subaru Telescope "
Chihiro Tokoku
(SUBARU Telescope)
2006/08/30 11:30 am : Abstract
" Spitzer Observations of the Brightest Galaxies in X-Ray-Luminous Clusters: Implications for Cluster Cooling Flows "
Eiichi Egami
(Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)
2006/08/21 3:30 pm : Abstract
" Young circumstellar disks revealed by COMICS MIR observations "
Yoshiko K. Okamoto (Ibaraki University)
Hideaki Fujiwara (University of Tokyo)
2006/07/14 11:00 am : Abstract
" Co-evolution of Galactic bulges and Supermassive Black Holes "
Nozomu Kawakatu
2006/06/26 11:00 am : Abstract
" Plasma diagnostics of non-equilibrium plasmas for Solar-B observations
and laboratory plasmas (Large Helical Device) "
Takako Kato
(National Institute for Fusion Science)
2006/05/08 11:00 am : Abstract
" Visible and Infrared observations of Inter Planetary Dust "
Masateru ISHIGURO (Seoul National University)
and Munetaka UENO (University of Tokyo)
2006/04/25 11:00 am : Abstract
" Multi-band light curve studies of SNe Ia "
Naohiro Takanashi
(University of Tokyo)
2006/03/20 11:00 am : Abstract
" The evolution of galaxies from primeval irregulars to present-day ellipticals "
Masao Mori
(UCLA / Sensyu University)
2006/02/21 11:00 am : Abstract
"Multi-Wavelength Studies of the Galaxy Formation with GCD+"
Daisuke Kawata
(Carnegie Observatory)
2006/02/13 11:00 am : Abstract
"CoSTEP with Citizens and Scientists"
Miho Namba
(Hokkaido University)
2006/01/13 11:00 am : Abstract
"Simulating the formation and evolution of galaxies"
Chiaki Kobayashi
(Division of Theoretical Astronomy, NAOJ)

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