Subaru Users Meeting FY2020

March 3-5, 2021 (JST, Online)
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan



subaru telescope


We are pleased to announce the Subaru Users Meeting FY2020 that will be held in March 2021. Thanks to all of the efforts by the observatory and our community, Subaru telescope’s science impact remains among the highest of any ground based telescopes in the world. In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic around the world, the presence of observatory staff has been significantly reduced at the summit and at the Hilo office, to minimize the risk of infection. However, in spite of this difficult situation, the observatory continues its operation by implementing a new remote observing mode.

Under these circumstances, we will host an annual Subaru Users Meeting FY2020 by online, to have close and intensive discussions with our community. Discussion topics will be new and improved Subaru instrumentations, changes in the operational modes in the COVID-19 era, and synergies with other facilities such as Euclid, Roman telescopes, and Rubin Observatory/LSST. Subaru Users Meeting is an important opportunity for our community to share recent results using Subaru data and future perspectives, and stimulate new collaborations. We encourage the Subaru community to participate in this users meeting, present their recent scientific results, and have intensive discussions on the Subaru future strategy.





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