Subaru’s Deep Survey of the Universe

To best observe the distant universe, we need to look as far as possible away from the plane of our own Galaxy to avoid the interstellar dust and great myriad of stars that comprise the Milky Way. The Subaru Telescope conducted deep imaging observation of the dedicated area “Subaru Deep Field” and successfully traced the distribution of galaxies in the early universe. To have a complete picture of the universe however, it is essential to observe the sky in multi-wavelength. In collaboration with an X-ray space telescope as well as a ground-based radio telescope, the Subaru Telescope conducted the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey (SXDS). SXDS is the first multi-wavelength survey which has sufficient width and depth to accurately characterize the properties of galaxies from the early universe to the present. The observational data and object catalog became publicly available and have been used by astronomers throughout the world.