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Subaru Telescope 20th Anniversary Conference (2nd Announcement)

May 21, 2019
Last updated: January 19, 2021

It is our great pleasure to announce the 5th NAOJ Symposium / the 7th Subaru International Conference on "Subaru Telescope 20th Anniversary -Optical & Infrared Astronomy for the Next Decade-", which will be held in November 17-22, 2019, at Waikoloa Beach, Marriott Resort & Spa, Hawaii, U.S.A. With this second announcement we open the registration and abstract submission through the conference webpage at


Subaru Telescope is the 8.2-meter flagship optical-infrared telescope of the
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, located at the Maunakea Observatory
on Hawaii. Since its scientific first light in 1999, Subaru has been expanding
our understanding of the universe with remarkable results in various research
fields from our solar system all the way out to the earliest Universe.
This symposium will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Subaru and highlight our
recent scientific outcomes in parallel sessions. We also aim to share and
discuss the on-going/future large programs (to be) conducted on Subaru Telescope
including international collaborations in the plenary session. The Subaru User's
Meeting FY2019 will also be combined with this conference.

Key topics of the Plenary Session:

  • Subaru User's Meeting FY2019 (Business session)
  • Subaru Strategic Programs (HSC, IRD, PFS)
  • International partnership
  • Synergy with Space and TMT
  • Science Keynotes

Science Parallel Sessions:

  • Solar System: "Progress and Perspective of Solar System Science using Subaru"
  • Exoplanet and Star Formation: "Past 20 Years and Future of Subaru's Role in Observations of Exoplanets and Disks"
  • Local Group and Nearby Galaxies: "Wide-field-surveys of the Local Group and Nearby Galaxies"
  • Galaxy Formation: "kaia•hö•kü: Towards Understanding the origin of the Complexity and Diversity"
  • Supermassive Black Holes: "Demographics of Supermassive Black Holes across the Universe"
  • Time Domain: "Time-Domain Astronomy in the Multi-Messenger Era"
Each parallel session will be held for 3-4 days of November 19-22 and is
organized by each SOC. Please see the scientific rationale and invited speakers
on the website.

Invited Speakers for Science Keynotes:

  • Mike Brown (Caltech) for "Solar System"
  • Motohide Tamura (University of Tokyo) for "Exoplanet and Star Formation"
  • Vasily Belokurov (University of Cambridge) for "Local Group and Nearby Galaxies"
  • Sandra Faber (UCO/Lick) for "Galaxy Formation"
  • Masayuki Akiyama (Tohoku University) for "Supermassive Black Holes"
  • Jeff Cooke (Swinburne University) for "Time Domain"

Important Date:

  • June 15, 2019: Deadline for abstract submission & financial support applications
  • Mid-July, 2019: Notification of talk selection for parallel sessions
  • July 31, 2019: Deadline for early-bird registration

  • September 30, 2019: Deadline for late registration
  • November 17, 2019: Reception desk open

Abstract Submission:

Contributions, both Oral and Poster for the science parallel sessions are
welcome. Please select the session and submit your abstract.


  • EARLY REGISTRATION FEE (deadline July 31): 350 USD
  • REDUCED FEE for PhD & master students (deadline July 31): 250 USD
  • REGULAR REGISTRATION FEE (deadline September 30): 400 USD
Registration cannot be confirmed until fees are paid. Please fill and submit the
following registration form, then make fees payment via Paypal. Fees include
access to all sessions, symposium materials and kit, welcome reception on
Sunday, November 17, coffee breaks for full 6 days and lunches for 4 days of the


Marriott Resort & Spa at Waikoloa Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

Hotel and Flights:

We keep a number of guest rooms at Marriott with the special rate $175+tax per
night for the symposium participants. If you would like to use it, please book
your room through the link in the symposium website. We also provide a special
rate for direct flights between Tokyo/Narita and Kona airport. Please see the
details on the website.

Scam warning:

Please be aware that the symposium organisation, Marriott or any agencies, will
NOT call or email you out of the blue about the accommodation. As these
scammers find invited speaker / participant name from the conference webpages,
you cannot assume you will be immune to attack. If you have been approached,
please email to LOC (subaru20anniv_loc <AT> immediately with details
of the situation. Please do not provide them with any details of your
reservation and do not give them your credit card details.

Financial Support:

We will be able to support the accommodation fee for a limited number of
participants (especially students and postdocs). If you would like to apply to
the financial support, please see the details in the symposium website and
submit the request form by June 15. LOC will contact the applicants early July
and book rooms for the successful applicants.

On-site child care:

We will provide a room next to the main conference hall for the child care
during the symposium. If you are planning to come with your small children,
please let us know your request through the registration form. The organisers
will consider the service based on your answers and the conference budget.


If you need a VISA to travel to the US, we will be able to provide a letter of
invitation for participation in the conference, upon request.
Please contact the LOCs: subaru20anniv_loc <AT>

Ethics and Anti-harassment statement:

The organisers consider this symposium to be a privileged opportunity for free
and active exchanges of scientific ideas, as well as for the nurturing and
creation of professional and social contacts. Any abuse of power or
inappropriate behaviour has no place at this symposium.
We specifically refer to the NINS Researcher Code of Conduct
(, which will apply during the
symposium. By registering for this symposium, all participants confirm that
they have read the document and that they will follow its recommendations.

We look forward to seeing you in Big Island in November!

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