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Time-Domain Astronomy
in the Multi-Messenger Era

Science Sessions - Time Domain

Time-domain astronomy has made great progress in the past decade. Dedicated transient surveys have revealed the population of new transients, such as superluminous supernovae and rapid-evolving transients. Transient surveys have also uncovered behaviors of the first moments of supernova explosions, which largely expands our understanding of stellar evolution. Time-domain surveys are also playing key roles in newly emerged multi-messenger astronomy, highlighted by observations of electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources and high-energy neutrino sources.

This conference aims at reviewing the recent progress in time-domain astronomy and discussing prospects of this field in the multi-messenger era. The conference will mainly cover the following topics.
・Outcomes from deep, wide and high cadence transient surveys
・Multi-messenger observations of gravitational wave and high-energy neutrino sources
・Future of multi-wavelength time-domain astronomy with big data
b/g image: HSC image of oprical counterpart to GW170817 (Y Utsumi et al. 2017; N Tominaga et al. 2018)

SOC: Chair - Masaomi Tanaka (Tohoku U.), Giuliano Pignata (U. Andrés Bello), Tomoki Morokuma (U. of Tokyo), Tyler A. Pritchard (New York U.)


(I) Shigeru Yoshida (Chiba U.)
"Multi-messenger astronomy with high energy neutrinos" (PDF)

Haoning He (RIKEN)
"Neutrinos from Choked Jets Accompanied by Type-II Supernovae" (PDF)

Tomoki Morokuma (U. of Tokyo)
"Subaru+Gemini follow-up for IceCube high-energy neutrinos" (PDF)

Mitsuru Kokubo (Tohoku U.)
"Properties of variability-selected AGNs in the HSC SSP Transient Survey in COSMOS" (PDF)

Toru Yamada (ISAS / JAXA)
"Variability Search for Faint AGN using the HSC SSP-Survey Data: Variability properties of the low-luminosity AGN in the COSMOS field" (PDF)

Shunsuke Onishi (U. of Tokyo, ISAS / JAXA)
"The line-of-sight velocity variation of CO ro-vibrational lines in the ULIRG IRAS 08572+3915" (PDF)

Chien-Hsiu Lee (NOAO)
"ANTARES: a community broker for ZTF and LSST" (PDF)


(I) Marcelle Soares-Santos (Brandeis U.)
"Cosmology in the era of multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves" (PDF)

Masaomi Tanaka (Tohoku U.)
"Optical/infrared counterparts of gravitational wave sources" (PDF)

Mahito Sasada (Hiroshima U.)
"J-GEM Optical and NIR Follow-Up in Gravitational-Wave Third Observing Run" (PDF)

Takayuki Ohgami (Konan U.)
"Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam survey for finding gravitational wave counterpart" (PDF)

(I) Francisco Forster (U. of Chile)
"High cadence surveys and the future ecosystem of time domain astronomy" (PDF)


(I) Takashi Moriya (NAOJ)
"High-redshift supernova surveys with Subaru" (PDF)

Ji-an Jiang (Kavli IPMU)
"Unveiling the Nature of Type Ia Supernovae with Early-phase Information Obtained from Subaru Deep Imaging Surveys" (PDF)

Sei Saito (Tohoku U.)
"Spectropolarimetry of Superluminous Supernova" (PDF)

Masahiro Matsuda (Tohoku U.)
"Luminous Supernovae from Subaru HSC" (PDF)

Ichiro Takahashi (Kavli IPMU)
"Photometric Classification of the HSC Transients through Machine Learning" (PDF)

Nozomu Tominaga (Konan U.)
"High-cadence transient surveys with Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam" (PDF)

Nao Suzuki (Kavli IPMU)
"Progress Report on HSC SNIa Cosmology Program" (PDF)


(I) Jeff Cooke (Swinburne U.)
"The importance and impact of the Subaru Observatory on time domain astronomy" (PDF)


Yen-Chen Pan (NAOJ)
"Probing the Progenitor Metallicity of SNe Ia with Ultraviolet Spectra"

Kengo Takagi (Hiroshima U.)
"Structure of circumstellar matter in helium nova V445 Puppis and its time evolution" (PDF)


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Dr. Sakurako Okamoto
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