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Past 20 Years and Future of Subaru's Role in Observations of Exoplanets and Disks

Science Sessions - Exoplanet & Star Formation

Observational studies for exoplanets and protoplanetary disks have been rapidly growing in the past 2 decades. Subaru has indeed offered various instruments to observe exoplanets and protoplanetary disks. In the past 2 decades, Subaru has discovered unique exoplanets and revealed their properties with various instruments. The first Subaru Strategic Program (SSP), the SEEDS project, has made discoveries of directly imaged exoplanets and varieties of protoplanetary disks by high angular resolution high contrast imaging, enabled by adaptive optics AO188 and a dedicated high contrast instrument HiCIAO. Moreover, emerging new PI-type instruments such as SCExAO, CHARIS, and IRD will enable further significant studies in these research fields.

This session will aim to share the past and latest knowledge in these research fields, and discuss future prospects and possible synergies with other missions and facilities in the upcoming decade.
b/g image: Giant Gap in Protoplanetary Disk of PDS 70 (J Hashimoto et al. 2012)

SOC: Chair - Norio Narita (U. of Tokyo/ABC),  Misato Fukagawa (NAOJ)


Hervé Bouy (U. of Bordeaux)
"Combining 20 years of Subaru data to search for young brown dwarfs and planetary mass objects" (PDF)

Per Calissendorff (Stockholm U.)
"Spectral characterization of newly detected young substellar binaries" (PDF)

Jinshi Sai (Subaru Telescope)
"ALMA Observations of the Late-Phase Protostar L1489 IRS: Warped or Misaligned Disk Structure" (PDF)

Hiroyuki Ishikawa (SOKENDAI)
"Detailed Chemical Analysis of M Dwarfs by High-Dispersion Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with IRD" (PDF)

(I) Masahiro Ikoma (U. of Tokyo)
"Progress in and prospects for understanding of planet formation" (PDF)

Yasunori Hori (ABC)
"Are Planets Rare in Open Clusters?" (PDF)

(I) Mitsuhiko Honda (Okayama U. of Science)
"Evolution of solids and planet formation revealed by Subaru" (PDF)

Garima Singh (Observatoire de Paris)
"Discovery of an azimuthal density gradient in a gas-rich debris disk possibly related to a massive collision" (PDF)

Riouhei Nakatani (RIKEN)
"Radiation Hydrodynamics Simulations of Photoevaporating Protoplanetary Disks: Implications to Metallicity Dependence of Disk Lifetimes" (PDF)

Takayuki Muto (Kogakuin U.)
"Multi-wavelength High Resolution Observations of Protoplanetary Disks" (PDF)

(I) Tyler Groff (NASA/GSFC)
"Exoplanet Imaging with CHARIS and Future Synergies with WFIRST CGI" (PDF)

Julien Lozi (Subaru Telescope)
"New NIR spectro-polarimetric modes for the SCExAO instrument" (PDF)

Thayne Currie (NASA-Ames/Subaru)
"Spectral Characterization of Directly-Imaged Planets with the Subaru Telescope" (PDF)


Mayuko Mori (U. of Tokyo)
"Transmission Spectroscopy of the Atmosphere of TRAPPIST-1g using Subaru/MOIRCS and Gemini/GMOS-N" (PDF)

John Livingston (U. of Tokyo)
"Spitzer observations of the young planet V1298 Tau b" (PDF)

Noriharu Watanabe (SOKENDAI)
"Doppler Tomographic Analysis for Planetary Orbital Precession of WASP-33b" (PDF)

Taichi Uyama (NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, Caltech/IPAC)
"Characterizing a directly-imaged planet Kappa And b with SCExAO" (PDF)

Ruben Asensio-Torres (Stockholm U. / MPIA)
"First results from BEAST: The B-star Exoplanet Abundance Study" (PDF)

(I) Misato Fukagawa (NAOJ)
"Star Formation Science with Subaru" (PDF)

(I) Olivier Guyon (Subaru Telescope)
"Imaging Giant Exoplanets with SCExAO and Habitable Planets on TMT" (PDF)


(I) Motohide Tamura (U. of Tokyo/ABC/NAOJ)
"Exploring Exoplanet and Star/Planet Formation Studies with Subaru" (PDF)


Yasunori Hori (ABC)
"Do the TRAPPIST-1 Planets Have Primordial or Secondary Atmospheres?" (PDF)

Masashi Omiya (ABC)
"Precise radial velocity survey of late-M dwarfs in IRD-SSP : Observation status" (PDF)

Mayuko Ozawa (U. of Tokyo)
"N-body simulations of accretion of ice giant cores in mean motion resonances with gas giants" (PDF)

Yuhei Takagi (Subaru Telescope)
"High-resolution optical and near-infrared spectroscopy of FU Ori type star V960 Mon" (PDF)

Taichi Uyama (NExScI, Caltech/IPAC)
"Search for Hα from Accreting Protoplanets with SCExAO+VAMPIRES" (PDF)


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