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kaia•hö•kü: Towards Understanding the origin of the Complexity and Diversity

Science Sessions - Galaxy Formation

The field of galaxy formation and evolution covers a wide range of astrophysical scales; from the dust grain formation to the cosmic large-scale structure. Different astrophysical processes are operating on different scales, driving the complex and diverse nature of galaxies.

In order to understand how galaxies form and evolve, we thus need to look at all aspects across cosmic time. In this parallel session, we invite contributions from the broader galaxy community, both from observational and theoretical perspectives, and covering the full electromagnetic spectrum, to tackle this complex problem. The Subaru Telescope has played a major role in understanding galaxies across cosmic history with its unique wide-field capabilities, and as part of the Subaru 20th anniversary conference, we facilitate discussions on the future prospects of Subaru and its synergy with upcoming ground and space-based facilities.

(kaia•hö•kü is a Hawaiian word for galaxy)
b/g image: Double Source Plane Lens System "Eye of Horus" (M Tanaka et al. 2016)

SOC: Chair - Masayuki Tanaka (NAOJ), Kate Whitaker (UConn), Mariska Kriek (UC Berkeley), Masato Onodera (Subaru), Pascal Oesch (Yale U.), Yuichi Matsuda (NAOJ)


(I) Ivo Labbe (Swinburne U. of Technology)
"The first billion years of galaxy formation" (PDF)

Daichi Kashino (ETH Zurich)
"Exploring the end tail of cosmic reionization with Subaru/HSC" (PDF)

Satoshi Yamanaka (Waseda U.)
"CHORUS: Candidates of Lyman continuum galaxies at z=3.3 and 4.9 selected from CHORUS narrow-band data" (PDF)

Shotaro Kikuchihara (U. of Tokyo)
"Early Low-Mass Galaxies and Star-Cluster Candidates at z~6-9" (PDF)

(I) Catlin Casey (UT Austin)
"Rare galaxies in the early Universe" (PDF)

Ken-ichi Tadaki (NAOJ)
"A sub-kiloparsec-view of the most massive star-forming galaxies at z>4" (PDF)

Seiji Fujimoto (Waseda U.)
"First Identification of 10-kpc Scale [CII] 158um Halos around Star-Forming Galaxies at z=5-7" (PDF)

Ryota Kakuma (U. of Tokyo)
"Cross-Correlation Lyα Intensity Mapping with Star-Forming Galaxies at z = 5.7 and 6.6" (PDF)

(I) Taddy Kodama (Tohoku U.)
"Past 20 years of panoramic studies of distant clusters with Subaru and the Future" (PDF)

Satoshi Kikuta (SOKENDAI / NAOJ)
"Lyman-alpha view around a z = 2.84 hyperluminous QSO at a node of the cosmic web" (PDF)

Michael Rich (UCLA)
"Extended Lyman Alpha Nebulae associated with Radio Overdensities at z~3" (PDF)

Hideki Umehata (RIKEN)
"Gas filaments connecting galaxies and supermassive black holes in a proto-cluster" (PDF)

Andrew Newman (Carnegie Observatories)
"LATIS: Mapping the IGM and Galaxy Environments at z~2.5 with Magellan" (PDF)

Tomoko Suzuki (Tohoku U. / NAOJ)
"Dissecting star-forming region within galaxies in a proto-cluster at z=2.53 with Subaru/IRCS+AO188" (PDF)

Tao Wang (U. of Tokyo)
"Environmental effects on massive galaxy formation from the most distant X-ray clusters" (PDF)

Shigeru Namiki (SOKENDAI)
"The environmental impacts on the mass-metallicity relation at z=1.52." (PDF)

Masao Hayashi (NAOJ)
"Probing large-scale structures at z<1.6 by HSC wide-field survey" (PDF)

Mike Hudson (U. of Waterloo)
"First weak lensing results from the UNION Survey" (PDF)

Takashi Kojima (U. of Tokyo)
"Extremely Metal-poor Galaxies Probed with Subaru/HSC Deep Imaging and Optical Spectroscopy" (PDF)

Tetsuya Hashimoto (NTHU)
"A young galaxy cluster in the old Universe" (PDF)


(I) Gwen Rudie (Carnegie Observatories)
"The Circumgalactic Medium of Star-Forming Galaxies at 2<z<3" (PDF)

Yuma Sugahara (U. of Tokyo)
"Fast Outflows Identified in Early Star-Forming Galaxies at z = 5–6" (PDF)

(I) Annalisa Pillepich (MPIA)
"Universe(s) in a box: insights from the TNG simulations and needed steps forward" (PDF)

(I) Camilla Pacifici (STScI)
"Synergy between galaxy models and observations to unveil the high-redshift Universe" (PDF)

Ken Mawatari (U. of Tokyo)
"Balmer Break Galaxy candidates in the Reionization Epoch: Hint on Star-Formation Activity at z > 10" (PDF)

Tomo Goto (NTHU)
"Revealing cosmic star formation history and black hole accretion history with AKARI and the HSC" (PDF)

Andrea Silva (NAOJ)
"The star formation properties of merging galaxies at 0.3<z<2.5" (PDF)

Erin Kado-Fong (Princeton U.)
"Integrated Light Tidal Features Across the Mass Spectrum: Results from HSC-SSP" (PDF)

(I) Sirio Belli (MPE / CfA)
"The Star Formation Histories of Massive Quiescent Galaxies at z~2" (PDF)

Danilo Marchesini (Tufts U.)
"A Complete and Unbiased Photometric View of Ultra-massive Galaxies in the First 2 Gyr of Cosmic History" (PDF)

Masayuki Tanaka (NAOJ)
"Stellar velocity dispersion of a massive galaxy with suppressed star formation at z=4.01" (PDF)

Francesco Valentino (DAWN)
"Quiescent galaxies at z~4: formation and evolution" (PDF)

Kate Whitaker (UConn)
"The REQUIEM Survey: REsolving QUIEscent Magnified Galaxies" (PDF)

(I) Takahiro Morishita (STScI)
"Probing evolution and quenching histories of massive galaxies at high redshift" (PDF)

(I) David Sanders (UH-IfA)
"The Hawaii Two-0 Survey: The Evolution of Massive Galaxies at 3 < z < 7" (PDF)

Po-Feng Wu (MPIA)
"Multiple paths from star-forming to quiescence: tracing galaxy formation with deep spectroscopic survey" (PDF)

Pieter Van Dokkum (Yale U.)
"The sizes of massive galaxies in COSMOS-DASH" (PDF)


(I) Sandra Faber (UCSC)
"Galaxy Formation and Evolution: What Is Simple, and What Remains Mysterious" (PDF)


Shiro Mukae (U. of Tokyo)
"HETDEX-HSC: Wide-Field Imaging Survey for Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment"

Akio Inoue (Waseda U.)
"CHORUS: Cosmic HydrOgen Reionization Unveiled with Subaru"

Kazuyuki Ogura (Bunkyo U.)
"Semi-analytic examination for the cosmic variance on the H-alpha emitter distribution"

Yongming Liang (SOKENDAI)
"Correlation between galaxy and IGM at z~2.2 based on Subaru/HSC MAMMOTH overdensities and SDSS/(e)BOSS quasar spectra"

Masanori Iye (NAOJ)
"Subaru Study on the Spin Parity Distribution of Galaxies and Structure Formation"

Hisanori Furusawa (NAOJ)
"A study of bright star-forming galaxies at redshift 7 using Subaru Telescope"

Nozomu Tamada (Ehime U.)
"Hunting optical counterparts of high-z DLAs with Subaru/HSC"

Yasunori Terao (U. of Tokyo)
"H alpha emitters at z~2.1−2.5: selection from broad-band photometry"

Naoaki Yamamoto (Tohoku U.)
"Various evolutionary stages of galaxy clusters at high redshifts"

Makoto Ando (U. of Tokyo)
"Exploring Galaxy Proto-Cluster Cores at z~2"

Umi Kobayashi (SOKENDAI)
"Influence of galaxy mergers on AGN activities"

Sadman Ali (Subaru Telescope)
"Characteristics and evolution of the UV upturn phenomenon in cluster early-type galaxies"


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