Subaru Data Reduction Cookbooks

by the combined efforts of the past and current observatory staff and our community

Hyper Suprime-Cam




(Grism spectroscopy: pdf, sample data & scripts 156 Mb),

(Echelle spectroscopy: HTML, pdf)]



!! Note !! You can find the more recent version of the above manuals from the Information Pages (Imaging/Spectroscopy) under MOIRCS website.

Subaru Data Reduction and Analysis

  Below is a link to the former data reduction web page maintained by the Mitaka based staff,

[English; Japanese]

the Mitaka page was merged with this Hawaii based page, and will no longer be updated
as of 2008 December 31, but all existing materials will be maintained at Hawaii side.

Subaru Data Reduction Schools

 Subaru Autumn School 2018New! 

 Subaru International Winter School 2014 at KASI/KOREA (2014) 

 Subaru Winter School 2013

 Subaru Autumn School 2012

 Subaru Spring School 2012

 Subaru Autumn School 2011

Subaru Spring School 2011

Subaru Autumn School 2010

Subaru Autumn School 2009

Subaru Spring School 2009

GUAS Subaru Asia Winter School (2008)
Subaru Spring School 2008
Subaru Autumn School 2007
Subaru Winter School 2006
Suprime-Cam Data Analysis Workshop (2006)

Contact us through emails

Inquiry as for data reduction: email:ssgroup (support scientists)

Inquiry as for data archive: email: smoka (SMOKA)

A Note for Using IDL;
You can download Free IDL Virtual Machine (VM) from ITT Visual Information Solutions web site to run already compiled IDL scripts.

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