Japanese version

(2013/09/24 updated)

Important Notice:
  sdfred2 is a software for the data taken after 2008/07.
  Please use sdfred1 for the data taken before 2008/06.

  • manual(English PDF;340KB)
  • sdfred software v2.0.1 (20130924) (tar.gz) (New : 2013/09/24 updated)
  • test data 1 2 (tar.gz of FITS, total ~1.2GB) - Please download both 1 and 2.
  • software for correcting the crosstalk (2012/11/01 updated) - Software for correcting the cross talk page (by Dr. Yagi (NAOJ); another site) - The software is released under shared-risk mode. Please read the document of the above page carefully, and use the software at your own risk.
  • If you have any question, feel free to ask us by e-mail; (ssgroup (at) News: 2013/09/24 Minor update for the sdfred software. 2012/11/01 Software for correcting the crosstalk is released by Dr. Yagi. 2012/07/04 English manual v2.1e is released. 2011/11/15 English manual v2.0e is released. Questions/Comments ssgroup (at)
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