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Important Notice:
  The sdfred1 is a software for the data taken before 2008/06.
  Due to the format change of Suprime-Cam, please use sdfred2 for the data taken after 2008/07.

manual(English HTML;62kB)

script set sdfred software v1.4.1 (20100528)(tar.gz)
test data(tar.gz of FITS, total ~800MB)

Winter School 2008 If you have any question, feel free to ask us by e-mail; (ssgroup (at) News: 2010/05/28 The imcio2a in 20080610 would corrupt a World Coordinate System (WCS) of FITS hearder of final image (e.g., all.fits), if you reduce images whose WCS is not TAN. To the image with such a corrupted WCS, the latest SExtractor (later than v.2.8) cannot be applicable. The imcio2a is updated so that the WCS of the final image is forced to set TAN. Note that the WCS of some archival data distributed by SMOKA ( are TNX. If you reduce the data whose WCS is not TAN, the WCS of the final image may not be accurate, especially in the pixel scale. Please do an astrometric calibration before referring the WCS information from the FITS header. 2008/10/28 Manual 1.4.1. Very minor typos (e.g.,si001ss -> si001s) are corrected. 2008/09/30 Since the new dataset has several difficulties in reduction, the development of sdfred 2 is delayed. Expected release date is the end of this year. 2008/07/22 Because of format change of Suprime-Cam, sdfred 1.* cannot reduce data taken after 2008/07/21. Please wait for sdfred 2 release (2008/07/22) 2008/06/10 Bug in mosaic/ code in 20080424. Some of the files are not installed into bin/. The bugs exist in Makefile and Since we developpers tested on machine which can refer previous version, we could not detect the problem. We are sorry for inconvenience The bug is fixed in v1.3.6. # It is reported by N. Yasuda, thank you. 2008/04/24 v1.3.5 released. The configure bug is fixed. The problem that some Mac fail to compile is also taken care of. 2008/01/21 "configure" is mistakenly linked under bin/. You can remove the link bin/configure. This bug will be fixed in next release. 2008/01/14 v1.3.3 has a bug that randomXY_mask cannot be compiled. The reason was old bugeous code was in the tarball by mistake. The bug is fixed in v1.3.4. 2008/01/03 v1.3.3 is released. 2007/11/22 When detecting many objects in limitmag, randomXY_mask dumps core. The code is fixed so that the program outputs error message and exits. # It is reported by T. Saito, thank you. 2007/11/13 randomXY_mask was not compiled... is fixed. 2007/11/09 fwhmpsf.csh does not work well with SExtractor 2.5.0, since the version output messages to stdout, which were output to stderr in previous ones. The code is fixed so that these unused output were redirected to /dev/null. # It is reported by M. Tanaka, thank you. 2007/10/10 v1.3.2 is released. 2007/10/05 makemos.csh has a bug, which will be fixed in v1.3.2. # It is reported by R. Misawa, thank you. 2007/10/02 v1.3 is missing The problem is solved in v1.3.1. 2007/09/26 v1.3 available. The bugs reported below are corrected.
2007/06/26 We received a bug report that part of binaries are not installed on MacOS. The reason was that a file system of MacOS(HFS+) is case-insensitive. Please rename mosaic/INSTALL as mosaic/INSTALL.ja to avoid the trouble. # It is reported by B. Cain, thank you. 2007/06/19 We received a bug report that SDFRED failed to build on MacOSX 10.4. It is because OSX 10.4 does not have off_t definition in <stdio.h>. Please add following line into mosaic/imc/imc_fits.c. == #include <sys/types.h> == # The workaround is sent by B. Cain, thank you. 2006/04/10: We receive a bug report that randomXY_mask is not created. The reason was that sdfred/ lacks randomXY_mask in BINARIES varriable. The bug will be fixed in next version. As a workaround, you may add randomXY_mask in sdfred/ BINARIES variable before executing "configure". 2006/04/10: In English manual v1.1, a wrong description was reported. == For data taken between April 2004 and August 2003 (Messia III) => For data taken between April 2001 and August 2002 (Messia III): == The description is now corrected in the linked documents above. 2006/02/23: sdfred ver1.2 is available. Questions/Comments ssgroup (at)
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