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Principal Investigator for the the Hyper Suprime-Cam Honored For His Work

April 20, 2016
Last updated: January 19, 2021

On March 2016, the Astronomical Society of Japan awarded the Chushiro Hayashi Prize for a distinguished scholar in astronomy to Dr. Satoshi Miyazaki, associate professor at the Advanced Technology Center, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. He led the development of the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC), one of the most-demanded instruments on the Subaru Telescope. The award's citation is for "The Development of the wide-field of view camera for the Subaru Telescope and promotion of the observational cosmology using this instrument".

Dr. Miyazaki was a lead scientist for Suprime-Cam, a first-generation instrument still deployed at the Subaru Telescope. He has been using Suprime-Cam and HSC to promote observational studies of the distribution of the dark matter in the universe by using the weak gravitational lensing effect. For that study, it is essential to have an imaging instrument with a wide field of view and highly sensitive sensors. Initial results from HSC observation provided first dark matter map in 2015.

Dr. Miyazaki is currently in charge of the Strategic Survey Program (SSP) using HSC at the Subaru Telescope. This ambitious, extremely large-scale observing program uses 300 nights over five years to perform deep surveys. The team aims to expand the target field to more than a thousand square degrees in order to sample the distribution of dark matter and how it has changed over the history of the universe. This will lead to a more precise evaluation of the expansion of the universe.

He thanked all the people he work with saying, "It has been my tremendous pleasure and honor to work with these great team members."

Principal Investigator for the the Hyper Suprime-Cam Honored For His Work Figure

Picture: Dr. Satoshi Miyazaki shows the certificate of the award at the Astronomical Society of Japan meeting. (Credit: NAOJ)

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