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Partial Lunar Eclipse Live! from 3 Stations in Big Island, Hawai`i

November 16, 2021
Last updated: November 16, 2021

Toward midnight of November 18, 2021, the full moon will become a thin crescent over Hawai`i's sky: we will witness a partial lunar eclipse soon! Though it is labeled as a "partial" lunar eclipse, it is actually an "almost total" lunar eclipse. At maximum eclipse, the Earth will cast its shadow on 97% of the full moon. Hawai`i is one of the best observing sites in the world for this eclipse, as we are ideally located to observe the whole sequence of the lunar eclipse set to occur high in the night sky.

Start of Eclipse:   18 Nov, 21:18:42 (Hawai`i Time) / 19 Nov, 7:18:42 (UT)
Maximum Eclipse: 18 Nov, 23:02:55 (Hawai`i Time) / 19 Nov, 9:02:55 (UT)
End of Eclipse:     19 Nov, 0:47:04 (Hawai`i Time) / 19 Nov, 10:47:04 (UT)
(Reference: "LUNAR ECLIPSE 2021" website

Our "Subaru-Asahi Sky Camera" (Note 1), which is installed at the Subaru Telescope dome on Maunakea, Hawai`i, will send the amazing live-streaming view of the changing night sky as the eclipse proceeds. In addition, the Project PANOPTES team, a citizen science project based at the Subaru Telescope offices, set up a website "Partial Lunar Eclipse - Live from Hawai`i" to publicize the event. The website will also serve as a platform to simultaneously watch three live streams organized by the three different teams from three different locations (Maunakea, Maunaloa, and Waimea) on the Big Island of Hawai`i. The viewers can enjoy different views of the partial lunar eclipse, from the wide starry sky to a close-up of the Moon. Please check the "LUNAR ECLIPSE 2021" Live Portal!

If the weather permits, we expect to show you the gorgeous view of the Pleiades star cluster ("Subaru" in Japanese) shining close to the red moon during the maximum eclipse, with the Subaru Telescope's enclosure in the foreground (Note 2). We hope you enjoy our Lunar Eclipse from Hawai`i Live streaming, as well as the actual view of the moon being eclipsed by the Earth, from your backyard!

Note 1: The "Subaru-Asahi Sky Camera" is a joint project of Subaru Telescope, NAOJ, and Asahi Shimbun. If you wish to use it for press purposes, please credit "Provided by NAOJ and Asahi Shimbun."

Note 2: The live broadcast might change or get cancelled without notice due to weather, equipment, or network conditions. Please be aware of this. Thank you.

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