MOIRCS Mask Design Program Manual

Chihiro Tokoku

(revised by Ichi Tanaka)

Updated: 2016-08-09


0. Introduction
1. Preparation
2. MDP Startup
3. Mask Design
4. Save the images
5. Submit the results
6. Acknowledgment

0. Introduction

1. Preparation

1.0 System requirement

  1. Computers with Unix / Linux / Solaris or related OS is required. Performance on the Mac OS is not confirmed. MDP program does not work on the Windows 2000/XP.
  2. The IDL Virtual Machine (IDL VM: ver. 6.3 or higher) is required to run the MDP program. IDL VM is a free software and runs on the various OS without IDL. Please download and install a most recent IDL VM to your Linux/Unix computer (not Windows!). IDL VM can be downloaded from the following web site.
    IDL Virtual Machine
    Note that the IDL VM sometimes fails if the version of your Linux is too old or too new. Please ask the EXELIS Support Desk about the failure.
  3. Download the current MDP program file ( wmdp_moircs.sav ) from the download website.

1.1 Preparing the images

1.2 Target selection

1.3 Creating *.mdp file

Obj1-X[PIX] Obj1-Y[PIX] Length1[PIX] Width1[PIX] Angle1[DEG] 1 B, comments...
Obj2-X[PIX] Obj2-Y[PIX] Length2[PIX] Width2[PIX] Angle2[DEG] 1 B, comments...
Obj3-X[PIX] Obj3-Y[PIX] Length3[PIX] Width3[PIX] Angle3[DEG] 1 B, comments...
Star1-X[PIX] Star1-Y[PIX] 30(HoleSize)[PIX] 30(HoleSize)[PIX] 0 0 C, Alignment Hole
Star2-X[PIX] Star2-Y[PIX] 30(HoleSize)[PIX] 30(HoleSize)[PIX] 0 0 C, Alignment Hole
Star3-X[PIX] Star3-Y[PIX] 30(HoleSize)[PIX] 30(HoleSize)[PIX] 0 0 C, Alignment Hole

2. MDP start-up

  1. Type "idl -vm=wmdp_moircs.sav" in your computer.
  2. Click IDL logo window, and the MDP program window shows up.
  3. Select [ File ] - [ Read FITS image ] from the pull-down menu, and select a mosaicked FITS image in a pop-up window.
  4. A FITS image will show up when you click "Auto-Intensity Scale". You can change the display range by "Change Intensity Scale".
  5. Select [ File ] - [ Read MDP file ], and select a MDP file you created as shown above in "Input MDP file" window.
    If you do not have a MDP file, just push "Cancel" button for interactive mask design for all slits. In this case, one dummy slit will be set.
  6. Select [ Option ] - [ Grism select ], and select an appropriate grism in "Grism Selection" window.
  7. Click on "Redraw" or "Draw Slit" buttons to see the image and the slits.
  8. Now you are ready to start editing the masks.

2.1 Explanation of the Main MDP window

    Click for detail.

  1. Pull-down menus
    - File : Tasks for file I/O.
    - Option : Grism selection and the parameters setting for slits and holes, etc.
  2. Main window

    Your FITS image is shown in the detector coordinates (pixel). Currently the wcs use is not supported.
    Wavelength is in vertical direction. See also this figure(Note 2).
    upper detector ( detector 2 ) : upper=redder, lower = bluer)
    lower detector ( detector 1 ) : upper=bluer, lower = redder)

    A rough full field of view (7' x 4') is shown. Not that the edge positions are not exact(Note 3).

    Items shown in above figure:
    - Main FITS image display (entire view of the image at reduced size)
    - Slit marker (small elongated rectangle on targets)
    - Spectra marker (long rectangle elongated vertically)
    - Slit ID number (small number just right of the slit markers)
    - Slits available area (large circle showing the available area for slit cutting)
    - Center line of FOV (Continuous line at the center)
    - Edge line of detectors (Dashed lines upper and lower of the center line(Note 2). Upper one is a edge line of the detector 1 and lower one is that of the detector 2.)

  3. Mode selection switches
    - Object pick-up mode (apply Gaussian fitting on the image around the clicked position, or simply adopt the clicked position as a final position)
    - FOV circle display switch
    - "Slit ID display" switch does not work, and the slit IDs are always shown on the main display.
  4. Zoom image display
    Display for zoomed (non-reduced) FITS image around the selected region for slit review. This display is also used for object selection by mouse (see below).
  5. Buttons for controlling the image display
    Display intensity adjustment, image redraw button, etc.
  6. Buttons for slit editing
    Buttons for editing slits and alignment holes.
  7. Information panel
    Panel showing default slit parameters and current mouse positions.

3. Mask Design

3.0 Notice: wmdp_moircs.sav is EASY TO CRASH!

3.1 Adjusting intensity scale

3.2 Use the preimage with correct pixel scale, set the mask center position

3.3 Design of alignment holes

3.4 Design of slits

3.5. Saving the results

3.6 Quitting the MDP

3.7 Other notes

4. Take a snapshot image of MDP

5. Submitting the results

6. Acknowledgment

Document Preparation by Chihiro Tokoku (July 2006) / Revised by Ichi Tanaka