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Subaru Seminars are usually held in Room 104 of the Hilo Base Facility, adjacent to the main lobby. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested in giving a seminar, please contact Subaru seminar organizers, {Yusei Koyama, Sadman Ali, Tae-Soo Pyo}, by email : (please change "_at_" to @).

Upcoming seminars 

Currently Subaru seminar is pending due to COVID-19 pendemic.

List of past seminars 

2020/02/14 11:00am Abstract

Toward understanding origin of gas in debris disks
Aya Higuchi (NAOJ)
2019/11/15 11:00am Abstract

The Formation of Quiescent Galaxies
Sirio Belli (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
2019/10/09 11:00am Abstract

WR DustERS: a JWST-ERS program to resolve the nature of dust in Wolf-Rayet binary winds
Ryan Lau (JAXA)
2019/10/08 11:00am Abstract

A brightening of Jupiter's auroral CH4 emission during a solar-wind event, as measured by Subaru-COMICS
James Sinclair (JPL)
2019/08/30 10:00am Abstract

Maunakea Weather Center: An Overview and interpretation of MKO weather forecasts
Ryan Lyman (MKWC)
2019/07/08 11:00am Abstract

Secret of Mauna Kea, Secret of Subaru - ADC, The Heart of Subaru Telescope
Kyoji Nariai (NAOJ)
2019/07/03 3:00pm Abstract

Precise Characterization of Kepler Stars and Planets Using Gaia DR2
Travis Berger (IfA, UH Manoa)
2019/05/17 3:00pm Abstract

How to deal with the Pyramid Wavefront Sensor non-linearity: use of an analytical model to predict the Optical Gains in closed loop operation
Vincent Chambouleyron (LAM/ONERA, France)
2019/03/19 4:00pm Abstract

The extragalactic universe according to JWST
Christina Williams (University of Arizona)
2019/03/08 11:00am Abstract

Nucleosynthesis in Degenerate Objects
Evan Kirby (Caltech)
2019/03/07 1:00pm Abstract

"Protocluster and the Lya Nebulae in the Early Universe
Zheng Chi (UCO/Lick Observator)
2019/03/07 11:00am Abstract

Extreme Quasars During the Cosmic Dawn
Xiaohui Fan (University of Arizona)
2019/02/13 11:00am Abstract

Characterization of Exoplanet Atmosphere using High-resolution Spectroscopy: Searching for TiO Signature in the Atmosphere of WASP-33b
Stevanus Kristianto Nugroho (Tohoku U.)
2019/01/14 11:00am Abstract

Hunting for Ultra-diffuse Galaxies
Dr. Anna Ferré-Mateu (Swinburne University of Technology; Institut de Ciencies del Cosmos (ICCUB); Universitat de Barcelona (IEEC-UB))
2018/12/07 4:00pm Abstract

"Message in a Bottle" -bringing outer space back home-
Prof. Shiro Matsui (Kyoto City University of Arts)
2018/11/02 11:00am Abstract

"Environmental and morphological dependence of molecular gas properties in nearby galaxies revealed with the NRO 45m "
Shuhei Koyama (Ehime University)
2018/10/17 3:00pm Abstract

" The Adaptive Optics Facility at ESO's Paranal VLT Observatory "
Johann Kolb (VLT)
2018/9/19 11:00am Abstract

" Quantitative Evolution of Spiral Galaxies "
Prof. Bodo Ziegler (Vienna University)
2018/9/18 11:00am Abstract

" Astrometry and multiplicity of substellar companions "
Per Calissendorff (Stockholms University)
2018/9/06 11:00am Abstract

" Massive Galaxy Formation at a z=3 proto-cluster revealed by ALMA and Subaru "
Hideki Umehata (RIKEN)
2018/7/20 11:00am Abstract

" The Promise of Precise Radial Velocity Surveys for Exoplanets "
Prof. Peter Plavchan (George Mason University)
2018/7/19 11:00am Abstract

" Fullerenes in the interstellar medium "
Roland Gredel (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy)
2018/7/13 1:00pm Abstract

" Li abundances in extremely metal-poor stars "
Tadafumi Matsuno (JSPS, SOKENDAI)
2018/5/17 11:00am Abstract

" Unveiling Intrinsic Properties of Dusty Red AGNs "
Dr. Dohyeong Kim (Seoul National University)
2018/4/30 11:00am Abstract

" ALMA reveals a rotating dense molecular torus in the AGN NGC 1068 "
Masatoshi Imanishi (NAOJ)
2018/4/19 11:00am Abstract

" Is there light in the darkness? Exploring the nature of the last Gunn-Peterson troughs in the Lyman-alpha forest "
Frederick Davies (UCSB)
2018/4/13 11:00am Abstract

" Evidence for the existence of abundant intracluster light at z>1 "
Jongwan Ko (KASI)
2018/3/27 11:00am Abstract

" Where are all the missing supernovae? "
Stuart Ryder (Australian Astronomical Observatory)
2018/3/19 1:00pm Abstract

" Current status of the development of Astro-comb at AIST and its future schedule "
Hajime Inaba (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
2018/3/15 10:30am Abstract

" The Origin of Matter in the Universe "
T. T. Yanagida (IPMU)
2018/3/14 11:00am Abstract

" The Asteroid Spin Rate Study Using Large Field Surveys -- the Big Data Collection and Analysis "
Chang, Chan-Kao (National Central University, Taiwan)
2018/2/22 11:00am Abstract

" Superluminous supernovae "
Takashi Moriya (NAOJ)
2018/2/21 11:00am Abstract

" The initial mass function of the first stars infered from elemental abundances in extremely metal-poor stars "
Dr. Miho Ishigaki (IPMU)
2018/2/7 11:00am Abstract

" Time-domain and gravitational lensing studies -- from Milky Way, Andromeda, to galaxies afar "
Dr. Chien-Hsiu Lee (Subaru Telescope)
2018/2/6 11:00am Abstract

" Hyper Suprime-Cam View of the Interacting Galaxies of the M81 Group - Structures and Stellar Populations "
Prof. Nobuo Arimoto (Seoul National University)
2018/1/31 10:00am Abstract

" Study of Exoplanets and Stellar Remnants through Gravitational Microlensing "
Dr. Kailash Sahu (Space Telescope Science Institute)
2018/1/8 11:00am Abstract

" Fast Focal Plane Wavefront Sensing on Ground-Based Telescopes "
Benjamin Gerard (University of Victoria, British Columbia)
2017/12/4 11:00am Abstract

" Algorithmic (R)evolution for Extreme Scale "
Dr. Hatem Ltaief (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
2017/12/26 11:00am Abstract

" Spirals and Gaps: What Do They Tell Us about Embedded Planets "
Dr. Jeffrey Fung (Sagan Fellow, UC Berkeley)
2017/11/21 11:00am Abstract

" Starburst to Quiescent from HST/ALMA: Stars and dust unveil minor mergers in SMGs at z~4.5 "
Carlos Gomez-Guijarro (Dark Cosmology Centre - Niels Bohr Institute)
2017/11/17 11:00am Abstract

" The hunt for gravitational waves: pushing the limits of high precision laser interferometry "
Dr. Charlotte Bond (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)
2017/10/13 1:00pm Abstract

" Probing the dark side of the universe "
Geoff Chih-Fan Chen (UC-Davis)
2017/10/10 11:00am Abstract

" Dust-Reddened Quasars: Signposts for Feedback and co-evolution "
Eilat Glikman (Middlebury College)
2017/09/22 11:00am Abstract

" Caught in the act: compact ellipticals in formation "
Anna Ferre-Mateu (Swinburne University of Technology)
2017/08/16 11:00am Abstract

" Gravitationally Lensed Quasars Observed with the Subaru Telescope"
Cristian Eduard Rusu (Subaru Telescope)
2017/08/14 1:00pm Abstract

" Star-disk interaction on Classical T Tauri stars, and stellar feedback on star formation"
Zhen Guo (Peking University)
2017/08/14 11:00am Abstract

" AGN Variability and Cosmology"
Shintaro Koshida (Subaru)
2017/08/08 11:00am Abstract

" Dissecting the star formation rate and stellar mass relation of nearby galaxies with the MaNGA survey"
Li-Hwai Lin (ASIAA)
" The role of group or cluster environment in star formation quenching from z = 0.2 to 1.1"
Hung-Yu Jian (ASIAA)
2017/08/02 11:00am Abstract

" The life-cycle of gas in dying galaxies"
Katherine Alatalo (Carnegie Obs)
2017/06/29 11:00am Abstract

" A search for Ly-alpha emitters around concentrated strong Ly-alpha absorbers at z=2.3"
Kazuyuki Ogura (Ehime University)
2017/06/15 11:00am Abstract

"Gas Content of Quasar Host Galaxies "
Jinyi Shangguan (Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University)
2017/06/05 11:00am Abstract

"Directly Imaging and Characterizing Young Planetary Systems with the Subaru Telescope "
Thayne Currie (NAOJ/Subaru)
2017/05/08 11:00am Abstract

"Chemical abundances in low-mass young galaxies "
Antonello Calabro
2017/05/01 11:00am Abstract

" Challenge and Opportunity of Commercial Lunar Exploration "
Chit-Hong Yam
2017/04/13 11:00am Abstract

" Searching for Strong Lenses to Probe Dark Matter Substructures "
James Chan
(NTU, Taiwan)
2017/04/12 11:00am Abstract

" Star formation and gas flows of galaxies as revealed by chemical evolution "
Nao Fukagawa
" Star-forming activity and ISM conditions of the [OIII]-selected galaxies before the peak epoch "
Tomoko Suzuki
2017/04/07 11:00am Abstract

" Diagnosing the Composition of Star-Grazing Bodies in HD 172555, a member of the beta Pictoris Moving Group "
Carol Grady
(NASA-Goddard/Eureka Scientific)
2017/03/16 1:00 pm Abstract

" First Direct Te Method Determinations of Gas-Phase Metal Abundances and Ionization Parameters for high-z Ly-alpha Emitters "
Takashi Kojima
(University of Tokyo)
2017/02/27 11:00 am Abstract

" Infrared selected ANGs and prospects with HSC "
Yu-Yen Chang
2017/02/22 11:00 am Abstract

" Discovery of the most distant galaxy cluster known to date at z=2.51, and its implications on galaxy formation and cosmology "
Tao Wang
2017/02/14 11:00 am Abstract

" Young Planet-Mass Objects in Taurus "
Po-Shih Chiang
2017/01/26 11:00 am Abstract

" Jupiter Trojan Survey with Hyper Suprime-Cam "
Tsuyoshi Terai
(Subaru Telescope)
2017/01/24 11:00 am Abstract

" The Symbiotic Nature of AGN and SF activities of AGNs and their Host Galaxies : AKARI Perspective "
Ji-Hoon Kim
(Subaru Telescope)
2016/11/02 11:00 am Abstract

" Design and construction of a prototype Schwardschild-Couder telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array "
Julien Rousselle
2016/09/06 11:00 am Abstract

" SHELLQs: HSC high-z quasar factory "
Yoshiki Matsuoka
(National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
2016/07/25 11:00 am Abstract

" Constraining the spin of Sgr A* via the motion of the S stars "
Yohsuke Takamori
(Wakayama National College of Technology)
2016/06/03 11:00 am Abstract

" The CHARIS Integral Field Spectrograph for Subaru "
Tyler Groff
(Princeton University)
2016/05/27 11:00 am Abstract

" Project Solaris and The Little Spectrograph that Could "
Stanisław Kozłowski
(Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center)
2016/05/19 11:00 am Abstract

" A survey for line-emitting galaxies around a possible DLA cluster "
Kazuyuki Ogura
(Ehime University)

Previous years (2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015)

2016/05/13 3:30 pm Abstract

" Searching for z- and Y-dropout QSOs in UKIDSS-UDS and VIKING fields "
Ji-Jia Tang
(National Taiwan University)
2016/05/10 11:00 am Abstract

" Isophote Shapes of Early-Type Galaxies in Massive Clusters at z ~ 1 and 0 "
Kazuma Mitsuda
(University of Tokyo)
2016/05/06 11:00 am Abstract

" The state of H2 gas and the initial conditions of star formation in galaxies: A new view in the age of Herschel and ALMA "
Padelis Papadopoulos
(Cardiff University)
2016/05/05 11:00 am Abstract

" A fundamental constraint on the imaging of molecular gas and dust in the early Universe "
Zhi-Yu Zhang
(IfA/University of Edinburgh/ESO)
2016/03/07 11:00 am Abstract

" Astronomical big data visualization and the future of the planetarium "
Mark Subbarao
(Adler Planetarium)
2016/03/04 11:00 am Abstract

" Investigation of the Coevolution between Supermassive Blackholes and Galaxies at Redshift 3 through Subaru Near-Infrared Observations "
Yuriko Saito
(Subaru Telescope)
2016/03/03 03:00 pm Abstract

" The Search for Planet Nine "
Michael Brown
2016/02/26 11:00 am Abstract

" Extremely Massive Black Holes at 1<z<6 "
Hyunsung Jun
2016/02/19 11:00 am Abstract [Presentation:PDF]

" The ALMA revolution: gas and dust in planet-forming disks "
Nienke van der Marel
(IfA Manoa)
2016/02/16 11:00 am Abstract [Presentation:PDF]

" Probing Planetary Formation and the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution at the Angular Resolution Frontier "
Michael Ireland
(Australian National University)
2016/02/12 11:00 am Abstract [Presentation:PDF]

" The dominance of quenching through cosmic times "
Alvio Renzini
(Astronomical Observatory of Padova)
2016/01/29 11:00 am Abstract

" Resolving the Clumpy Structure of the Outflow Winds in Gravitationally Lensed Quasar "
Toru Misawa
(Shinshu University)
2016/01/28 02:00 pm Abstract [Presentation:PPTX]

" The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre "
David Schade
2016/01/28 11:00 am Abstract [Presentation:PPTX]

" A bibliometric analysis of observatory publications for the period 2009-2013 "
Dennis Crabtree
2016/01/04 11:00 am Abstract

" Super Star Clusters and Their Environments "
Shery Yeh
(Subaru Telescope)
2015/12/09 03:00 pm Abstract
" A Brief Introduction of Deep Neural Network and its Application to Astronomy "
Katsuhiko Ishiguro
(NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
" Machine Learning Selection for Supernovae from Subaru/HSC data "
Mikito Morii
(Institute of Statistics and Math)

Seminars are also held at JAC, CFHT, IfA, and Gemini.

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